Top 5 Wednesday: Series That Got Worse With Each Book


I’m happy to say that this one was a bit tricky for me! I mean, I am generally really easy to please when it comes to entertainment, but still I do have some standards. I’ve also had to use a couple TV shows for this one, I’m not a big TV person  but hey whatever works. I also want to say that I’m definitely not bashing, I actually still really enjoy all of these but they just got a bit ehhh as they went on.

Sweet Evil Trilogy by Wendy Higgins
I think this one is actually the most disappointing for me because I was so excited, and I loved the first one so much. It’s a really unique series, it basically revolves around teenagers who are the children of a human mother and a fallen angel father. They need to encourage regular humans to partake in whatever vice their fathers are the angels of. (Basically they need to misbehave and do bad things, otherwise they get killed by their fathers) It’s such a fascinating concept, and the first book just draws you in immediately. It’s so full of suspense and angst and a ton of angel mythology which is so neat, and I really loved it. I can say that the second book in the trilogy wasn’t too bad for me, I still really enjoyed it, but the third one was so disappointing. The main character Anna was just so incredibly annoying and preachy I could barely stand it. Look, I cry really easily so I will never judge anyone for that, but dear lord instead of almost crying ever other page JUST LET IT OUT. And I mean, why so much talk about guardian angels and how magical and blah blah blah. Like I know what you think about heaven and angels because you tell me every chance you get, so like maybe stop. Anyways, I did enjoy this series, and I have the book that tells the entire trilogy from the love interests point of view on my shelf, which I’m excited to read. But still, why. (Also the ending – no.)

Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare
This isn’t something that I felt got bad on a book to book series, it’s just the first half of the series versus the second half. I loveddd the original trilogy so much, it’s so addicting and fast paced and so much fun to read. And everything was wrapped up so well by the end of the third book that I still don’t know why the second half needed to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked the last 3 books but it just all felt really unnecessary. Like are you writing these books just because you want to prolong the drama for no reason? No thank you. They were still fast paced, but they seemed really drawn and full of all the dumb drama that I thought had been solved in the original 3. I think that when I finally reread these I’ll skip the last ones, I don’t really have time for all of that.

Doctor Who
I’m gonna keep this one short, I started with the 11th doctor, who is the love of my life obviously, and I also adored the 9th and 10th doctors. They’re all so wonderful to watch and the dynamics were so well done. I also really do love the 12th doctor, him and Clara together and wonderful and the show is really well done, but there’s some sort of magic missing for me and I’m not sure what it is. I haven’t watched the show in a while and I’m not sure if I will watch it again.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward
I’m not really a romance novel reading, I have absolutely nothing against them just not my cup of tea, but I do like this series. They’re incredibly predictable and the characters don’t always have the most depth but they’re still really enjoyable. I loved the first 3 books, but after that they kinda drag for me. I don’t know if it’s because all the stories feel the same after a certain point, or if it’s the fact that she seems to start reaching for all the obscure characters to write about but either way it’s a bit of a let down. I started rereading them a while ago and I only got until about halfway through the 6th book before I got distracted. Maybe next time.

The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
Okay I really liked this series when I first read them, I also loved the show, but I think I still need to read the last few books. The story felt unique to me, whether it was the setting or the way she did the supernatural creatures, they were always so much fun to read and I really cared about some of the characters. But it got to the point where there were so many new characters being added, and I don’t really understand why. I would have read the entire series and just focused on the main 3. The books definitely aren’t bad, they just got a bit disappointing for me, which is unfortunate.

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