Canadian Author Wishlist


We’re just going to continue on with the Canada appreciation and talk about some authors that I really want to get to! I talked about my favourite Canadian authors the other day to celebrate Canada 150 but there’s so many more amazing and talented writers out there. I know that this is such a small selection of what there is, and I’d love to really try and read more from Canadian authors, especially books that are set here, but I think this is a good place to start! Let me know if there’s any authors that you think I should totally check out, I’m always looking for books to add to my list.

L. M. Montgomery
I feel really bad putting this one on this list, because I am almost 24 years old and I have never read or even seen Anne of Green Gables. I know, I’m disappointed in myself as well. This really is a series that I want to experience, I’ve heard such good things about it, especially from my best friend, and I’m beyond curious to finally read it. I know that I’ll love it as well, it just seems like such a wonderful story to read.



Y.S. Lee
This is an author that I’ve had sitting on my shelves for a while but just haven’t picked up yet. I bought A Spy In The House (The Agency #1) over a year ago and I’m dying to read it. It takes place in the 1850’s in England, it’s about a young woman who’s trained to be a spy, and it sounds like it’s full of intrigue and mayhem and fun and ugh I just really need to read it.





Alice Munro
I just discovered this author while looking up books for this post but I’m now beyond curious to pick up something by her. She’s an incredibly well known writer who’s won a bunch of prestigious awards, and her short story collection Dear Life: Stories sounds like such an interesting book to read. I don’t tend to pick up short stories all that often but I think it’d be incredibly interesting to check out her writing, especially since the stories take place here in Ontario. This is definitely a book that I’m going to look to pick up as soon as I can.




Joseph Boyden
The book Three Day Road is probably the one on this list that I’m the most interested in reading. It takes place during/after World War One and features multiple main characters and how they deal with the aftermath of the war. It also has main characters that are Indigenous, which is a really rare but important viewpoint to be able to read, especially since the book takes place in Canada. Honestly this sounds like a really amazing story and I’ve seen so much good stuff about this author.



S.K. Ali
This is a new YA author that just had her first book published, Saints and Misfits, and it sounds amazing. It’s an #OwnVoices story with a Muslim protagonist and a stunning cover. I’m always here for good rep and the fact that she’s Canadian is just even more exciting. Will definitely be picking this one up as soon as I can.




Emma Donoghue
I honestly don’t know if this author is Canadian or if she just currently lives in Canada, but either way we’ll go with it. She’s the author who wrote Room, but it’s her newest release that’s really got me interested. I know I talked about it in a wishlist post a while ago, but The Wonder sounds like a really good book and I really want to pick it up!



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