Top 4 Friday: Current Favourites

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these but it’s fall and I love everything so what better time to get back into it. I’m never really sure why I write intros for these posts because there’s not really much point but it always feels rude to just start without saying hi you know? Anyways, here’s four things that I’ve been loving lately.

one// Banana Chocolate Muffins
Specifically this recipe. I’ve made them once before and decided to make them again this week and they are so good! Chocolate muffins with bananas and chocolate chips inside, Untitled 4they are so easy to make and take basically no time. They also smell and taste amazing, honestly if you want a good muffin recipe I’d check this one out. I also love this one, and I usually make it with strawberries but unfortunately mine went bad so I couldn’t make them when I planned to.

two// Red Lips
I strongly believe that it’s always the right time for a red lip but there’s just something about fall and winter that makes it the absolute perfect choice 100% of the time. My first choice will always be a darker red like this one by Kat Von D, but I also love this lighter/pinkier one from Bite Beauty. I also loveeeee the formulas on both of these products so you really can’t go wrong.

three// Ed Sheeran – Nancy Mulligan 
I, like basically everyone else, fell in love with this album as soon as it was released. I was a massive fan of has last one but there’s just something about the songs on this one that are always stuck in my head. I’m not sure I actually have a favourite but I do really really love this one, it’s such a great song that you can never go wrong when it comes on.

four// Hot Chocolate
It’s slightly colder out which means it’s hot chocolate season. I mean I think that hot chocolate season is year round, but it also starts on September 1st, but it really starts once it’s colder out. Look I just really love hot chocolate.

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