November Read-A-Thin TBR

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Time for me to try and join another readathon that I probably won’t finish! I feel like I have to give myself points for always trying because I really do have the best intentions. I totally failed the last round of this readathon but I’m hoping to get through this month with reading at least a couple. The point of this one is to read books that you already own before the challenges are announced, no buying new books to fit the requirements. It was started by JessicaMarie493, ACourtOfBooksAndLove and AVeryBookishGirl and there’s a link to the GoodReads group if you wanted more info or wanted to join!

The guidelines for this readathon are pretty straightforward, you have all month to complete as many challenges as possible. The goal is to complete at least six challenges but you can use one book to fill two challenges. If done properly you really only have to read three books over the course of the month and you’ve made it! I love to have easily attainable goals, especially when it comes to reading. So anyways, after that rambly mess of an intro, here’s the challenges that I’m going to try and complete and the books that I chose for them. Let me know if you’re joining in on this readathon and what you’ll be reading!

Untitled 104.pngone// Read a 2017 Release.
two// Read a book that counts toward another readathon.
Okay so I think that this combo might be exactly the same as the last round of this readathon but I’m going with Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab. This one could actually fit a few more of these challenges so I’ll switch it up if I need to but for now I think that these are the best choices for this one. Mostly because I really want to finally finish this one.

three// Read something by a new to you author.
four// Read a book that you got for free (ARC, review, giveaway).
For this one I’m going to go with Traveler by E.L. DeLano. Swoon Reads was kind enough to send this to me about a year ago and I haven’t picked it up yet even though I’ve been dying to. I’ve heard really good things about it and I’m sure that I’ll love it so hopefully I get to it early in the month.

five// Read a book that you previously put down.
There’s too many books to choose from for this one since I’m so bad at things but I think that I’m going to go with Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige. I loved the first book in the series but the second one fell a bit flat and this third one did not hold my interest at all, but it’s short and I really do want to see how the story ends so I’ll need to finish this one before I can pick up the last one.

six// Read a book with a fall themed cover.
For this one I think we’re going to go with Violins of Autumn by Amy McAuley. This is another one that I started and didn’t finish so it could also be used for that challenge which is good. This takes place during WWII and I remember really enjoying it before I set it aside. (The cover isn’t incredibly fall themed but it has always made me think of the fall, and the fact that it has autumn in the title probably doesn’t hurt)

So there we go, the six challenges that I hope to complete and the four books that I can hopefully read this month! I feel like it’s doable, especially since three of them are ones  that I’ve already started. I’m feeling confident about this one so fingers crossed!

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