Top 5 Wednesday: Genre Benders


I’m really sad that I missed October’s topics for Top 5 Wednesday because I love Halloween but I guess I’ll survive and just do better next year. I’m still excited for this months topics though, but this first one was a bit tough. I’m really bad at guessing book genres in general so trying to decide on five that I can’t fit into a category was tricky. I mean the trickiest part was really trying to pick ones that didn’t make me look like a complete idiot but I just went for it anyways. If you want more info, or want to join T5W then the link to the Goodreads group is right here!

11235712five// Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I’ve always thought that this one was a mix of fantasy, sci-fi and maybe some dystopian vibes? I’m sure that it’s really just 12358349obviously one of those to most people but I see all of them in it.

four// Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
This is another one that I think is probably really obviously one genre but I mix it up and guess like three. I honestly don’t know what to classify this one as, I see fantasy, historical fiction and contemporary all rolled into one book. I loved all the elements of it and they do work well together but I have no 17825130idea what this actually is.

three// Vivian Versus the Apocolypse by Katie Coyle
I feel like this one is contemporary, dystopian and horror all mixed into one. I mean, a religious cult that kind of takes over America17234658 and drives a group of teenagers to travel across the country in order to figure stuff out and save people? I think it’s far too realistic, which is why it scares me so much.

two// A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
I think that this one is obviously sci-fi, but since it’s a story that involves different dimensions and worlds then I also see elements of 22328546historical fiction. I also get contemporary vibes just from the way it’s written, which isn’t a bad thing, I love this series and will recommend it to basically everyone.

one// Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
The first book in this series very much feels like a fantasy novel to me, it’s got all the elements of one and I never doubted that that is what the series was. But then I read the second one and basically questioned everything because it seemed like a dystopian and not really fantasy. I haven’t read King’s Cage just yet so I can’t comment on where the series goes but right now it seems like a mix of the two genres.

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