Netgalley TBR: Part 2

Untitled 41.pngAm I only writing this post because I don’t know what else to easily write while I’m trying to battle through my end of the year wrap ups? Yes. Probably. Definitely. Also because I’m pretty excited about the ones that I’ve been approved for! I really don’t request much, like ever, but I was browsing a few weeks ago and there was so many good looking historical fiction books and I just had to try my luck. I was super lucky to get approved for four, which is a lot for me, but they don’t come out for a while so I don’t have to panic yet! Okay anyways, here’s the books.

Untitled 42.pngThe first one is the one that I am probably the most excited for, and that’s Papergirl by Melinda McCracken. It’s a Canadian historical fiction story that takes place in Winnipeg in 1919 and follows the main character, 10 year old Cassie, as she volunteers as a papergirl for the strike that lower class workers are planning. It sounds like a really interesting story that’s based on an actual historical event and I’m sure that it’s one that I’ll enjoy. It comes out in April of 2019 but I think that I’ll end up reading it pretty soon because it sounds so good. The next one that I’m the most excited for, and the one that I think I’m going to read really soon (like after I finish this post soon) is Operatic by Kyo Maclear which is a middle grade graphic novel. It just looks like a really cute and fun story that focuses on middle school student Charlie as she tries to find the perfect song for her music class assignment while dealing with her friends and all the other fun things that life throws at your when you’re a child. I just think it looks really pretty and sounds super cute so fingers crossed it’s good!

Untitled 43.pngAnd then we’re finishing off with some more historical fiction! Because it is my one true reading love! The first one, that has the most stunning cover, is The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer. It looks like it’s a story that takes place mostly during 1942 in Nazi occupied Poland but with glimpses of modern day and centers around main character Alina and her life. I feel like it’s going to be a really moving and heartbreaking story but it seems to have good reviews so I’m excited to get to it. The last book is one that has been out for a while but was recently republished. I think. It’s A Stitch in Time by Beryl Kingston and the blurb is short but apparently it follows our main character Rose as she lives her life in London during WWI. I think I’m good not knowing anything other than that so we shall see what I think of it when I do pick it up!

So there we go, a few books that I am lucky enough to be able to read and ones that I will hopefully be able to read soon! I actually started Operatic halfway through writing this post and it’s so good so far. Fingers crossed the other three are just as well done. Have you guys read any of these? If so please let me know what you thought! Also just let me know of any good historical fiction that you’ve read lately because I want to try and stock up my TBR for when I decide to read all of it at once.

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