3 Books I’m DEFINITELY Buying In January

Untitled 32.pngSo look, I make a lot of anticipated releases and wishlist posts and stuff like that but I very rarely end up buying anything on those lists because I’m broke as hell and haven’t gotten around to getting a library card just yet. I’m not going to stop making those posts or not actually getting my hands on these books but I just want to admit that I never actually get around to reading them. (I will one day though!) But I think I’m going to make an exception in January because there are three books coming out that I am so beyond excited for that I can’t even handle it. I don’t know how we lucked out getting such a good reading month to start off the year but it’s happening and I am so ready. I’m buying this books this month, I’ll cut back on groceries and eat potatoes for a week straight if I have to. Priorities. (I also have at least three days of vacation that I took near the end of the month so I’m obviously going to need things to read)

Untitled 31.pngThe first two books are ones that I have talked about more times than I can count and I know we’re probably all sick of it, but we just have to wait a month and then instead of talking about how excited I am we can just talk about how much I love them. Yes? Yes. (I refuse to believe that they’ll disappoint me) The first one is probably my most anticipated sequel, and that’s The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson which is the second book in the Truly Devious series. I have no idea how many books are going to be in this series but I hope it’s about 100 because I loved the first one so much. I think it might be my favourite read of the year, but if not it’s definitely in the top three. The next one that I can’t wait for, because it sounds like the exact type of book that I always want and love, is All Is Fair by Dee Garretson. It’s historical fiction and it looks like a dark and tense story that’s full on intrigue and hopefully a little romance. It also takes place during WWI which isn’t a time period that I see too often, it’s usually WWII that most wartime books seem to take place during. I am beyond excited for both of these and I think that they’ll be ones that I end up reading in one sitting each, which is good since they come out on the 22nd and I’m definitely off on the 23rd to 25th. I didn’t plan that but it almost feels like I did.

And now for the third one, which strangely enough is a book that I think I’ve talked about once on here? It’s one of my top releases for 2019 and I literally gasped when I heard about it but for some reason it always slips my mind when I was thinking about releases for the new year. Now it’s almost here though and I am so ready. I absolutely adored the original trilogy that featured this main character and I have been waiting for so long to see more of their story so I am beyond thrilled that King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo is coming out in January. Nikolai was one of the best things about The Grisha Trilogy and even though I wasn’t a fan of the ending of that series I loved everything about him and his story and I just can’t wait for more. I just can’t. This one comes out at the very end of the month so we’re finishing the first month of 2019 off strong, which is all that really matters. Also gold. And Nikolai. And certain other characters that I miss very much.

So there it is! Three books that I will definitely be spending my grocery budget on if I need to because hello look at them? There’s a few more books out later in the year that I’m thinking will also be auto buys for me but this seemed like a good place to start! Are there any books that you know you need to get your hands on immediately, not matter what? Or are you practical, like I am 99% of the time? And by practical I just mean that I find it difficult to buy new books when I still have some on my shelves and I could buy ice cream instead. As I said, priorities.

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