Series Wrap Up | Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

Untitled 6.pngSo this isn’t a review, well it kind of it but not really. You know? Basically I read the first book in this series last year and really liked it, but I didn’t get around to reading the last four books until the end of May! So I don’t really remember what happened in the first book but it was still easy to fall into the story and I just thought it would be fun to talk about my overall thoughts on the series! Also yes this is totally a cop out because this makes me feel like I don’t have to be super specific like in a review, I mean not that I’m good at writing reviews but I do my best. Okay anyways. Books!

28186Overall this was definitely a 5 star series, and I totally understand why people love it so much. I definitely wish that I had read it when I was younger because I think it would have been so much fun to grow up with the books but I still really really loved reading them as a 25 year old. My favourite was definitely The Sea of Monsters. I just thought that the story was really fun and it really set up the story for the rest of the series. Also hello Tyson is an angel and I loved everything that happened in this book. Grover was great as always, and seeing more of Clarisse was also super fun. I also just really love a great adventure on a boat, always makes for a good story.

Then we have The Titan’s Curse which was probably my least favourite of the series but I also really really loved it so that should tell you how much I enjoyed the series overall. Yes? Yes. Now that I’m thinking about it this one was probably my least favourite because Annabeth was missing and the dynamic between her and Percy is just the best thing. But we do get to meet Artemis’ Hunters in this one and they are a lot of fun! I think asking children to swear off romance forever is a little bit weird but other than that I thought they were great. Also can we talk about what a precious bean Percy is? Like you think he’s just gonna sit around while his best friend is missing? Hell nah. I just love how many places this series takes you, the last book was through the literal sea of monsters and this time it’s on a trip across the US! What a time. Loved the story and loved the ending and just loved all of it so much.

4556058I feel like The Battle of the Labyrinth is where stuff really started to get intense, it added so many elements to the story and it was so fun! We’ve got some pretty awesome development from old characters! New characters that are super important and neat! Maybe some hints of romance! Also more chaos and messed up stuff because we’re dealing with Gods so of course it’s all wonky. Honestly at this point in reading the storylines were kind of starting to blur together and I’m writing this post really late but I loved this book! I loved the labyrinth and how the story worked and just everything really. Great book, definitely look forward to reading it again.

And then we have The Last Olympian! I loved this finale so much! It was basically pure action and I love a good battle scene so this was just ideal. We have all the nuggets being BADASSES and fighting some Gods because obviously. Like I just have a lot of thoughts but I really want to talk about how much I love Hades, he’s just my favourite in any series I read that features him (The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter, Underworld by Meg Cabot…that’s it other than this one but still) and he was great in here. So was everyone else because this book was great and probably one of the best series finales I’ve read in quite a while.

I really just want to read everything else by Riordan now because this was a great time. I can’t even explain how much fun I had while reading this series and I know that I’ll read these again, probably within the next couple years. Was just so good. So good. Sooooo good.


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