I Wanted to Do An ~Exciting~ Post for My Birthday So Here’s 26 Facts About Me

Untitled 46.pngI feel like you’d assume by this post that I care about my birthday but I actually don’t! I just like to not have to work, and to go to a bookstore and eat ice cream. That is the perfect birthday for me and guess what I’m not doing/doing today! I’m feeling less weird about 26 than I was about turning 25 which is probably why I posted like nothing last July but did a birthday post the year before? Who knows with me.

I did try to come up with an idea that was actually book related for this but I couldn’t come up with anything that I could do 26 of so instead here’s some facts about me! I don’t know, this seemed like an okay idea a while ago but now we’re here and I’m doubting myself. Oh well!

Hope you all have a great day!


one /// I don’t watch things. Like pretty much anything. I watch youtube while I’m eating, I watch Queer Eye when new seasons come out and I watch the odd history documentary. But other than that I just don’t have the attention span to watch things, which makes no sense since I can read a book in one sitting, but an 8 minute video is justΒ too much.

two /// My main goal in life is to be financially stable enough to have 5 cats at one time. I’d settle for 3 but 5 would be ideal.

three /// I have weird things with numbers. When I’m listening to anything the volume has to be on an odd number, unless it’s 20 or 30. 10 and 40 are bad though. I also just really hate even numbers but always want things to be easily divisible, preferably by 3. I also hate the number 8 with everything I have because it’s an even number that is even in appearance, you know?

four /// My favourite colour is green, pretty much any shade of green is good.

five /// I think that meatloaf is an abomination and should not exist. There might be a totally interesting history behind it but the thought of baking meat in a loaf pan and then putting ketchup on top is just beyond horrifying to me.

six /// I’m a college dropout but I’m not mad about it because school just really isn’t for me. No idea how I’m going to afford those 5 cats if I don’t go to school but we’ll figure something out.

seven /// I did go to school for baking & pastry arts and worked as a scratch baker for a few years after that.

eight /// I love blankets and pillows so much it’s alarming. I currently have 2 comforters, a duvet and 2 smaller blankets on my bed and it’s the middle of July. Gotta be cozy.

nine /// Moose, caribou, buffalo and bison are my favourite animals. I love them all so much it’s a lot to handle. I also love sharks. And dinosaurs. And ducks.

ten /// I currently live in a small town about half an hour away from my hometown and I hate it. I’m a pretty boring person but there is nothing to do in this town and there’s just something about it that’s so ehhhhhh.

eleven /// My friends only played UNO with me once and now won’t play with me again which is ridiculous because you can’t go into that game thinking that anyone will be nice? Friendship doesn’t exist in UNO or Mario Kart.

twelve /// Ice cream is my number 1 favourite food.

thirteen /// I’d rather have something exciting to drink than food. I only had $23 to buy groceries for 2 weeks and I still bought like 4 different things to drink because that’s more important to me.

fourteen /// I may be a really good baker but I’m not a great cook. I literally can’t even make rice properly. Who can’t make rice? I thought it was easy but I mess it upΒ every single time.Β I’m also one of those people that likes all their food overcooked so that might be why no one wants to eat my cooking.

fifteen /// I never really swore until I started working at my current job 2 and a half years ago. What can I say, Walmart just does that to people.

sixteen /// Tiny tomatoes are one of the greatest foods ever and I eat them like candy because oh my gosh yes.

seventeen /// I am very passionate about the things I love, I get laughed at at work all the time because I am so thrilled when I get to put sprinkles on cupcakes. It just makes me so happy and I don’t care that it’s lame to be over enthusiastic. I’m also very passionate about the things I hate, see number 5.

eighteen /// I’ve cut my own hair for the past 6 years? And I definitely don’t do a good job but my hair is so curly and is up 100% of the time so I just do it because I never have the patience to go get it done. Oh well.

nineteen /// My favourite band when I was younger was My Chemical Romance and I cried when I found out they were coming to Toronto.

twenty /// I love tacky shit. I’m still searching for the perfect floral velvet dress because that would be the most wonderful thing I could ever own.

twenty one /// I have always, and will always, love Winnie the Pooh.

twenty two /// If it’s possible for something to be in rainbow order than it needs to be in rainbow order. Book, 100 pack of markers, nail polish, kitchen utensils, etc. And I really hate it when people try and do stuff in rainbow order but get the rainbow wrong.

twenty three /// I’m a total Hufflepuff. But also almost a Slytherin. It’s a good combo I think.

twenty four /// I have a younger brother and I realize we’re definitely related when he says the dumbest stuff because I also think most of the dumb things he says.

twenty five /// I love Halloween. I hate people in masks and I hate being scared but there’s just something about the feeling in the air and the general vibe of the world around that time of year that makes me feel so happy and so at peace.

twenty six /// I hate talking about myself and don’t know why I thought this was a good idea so please take pity on me and tell me some fun facts about yourself!


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