My Plan To Read The Picture of Dorian Gray & Other Writings by Oscar Wilde

Untitled 47.pngSince this worked pretty well when I did it last October and I managed to finish, and actually enjoy, Dracula. I figured it would be a good idea to try it again with some more of the scarier books on my shelves. And by scarier I mean the classics! So here we are with a plan to read this one!

390353So the copy I have of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Other Writings is 565 pages and since there is 31 days in August, that works out to about 19 pages a day. Unlike Dracula, I’ve never attempted to read anything by Oscar Wilde so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about the writing and if this will be a struggle to get through or not but I do think I can manage that many pages a day. Or double that every couple days since I’m not great at things.

I’m both nervous and curious to read this one, mostly because I have absolutely no expectations. I don’t even really know what it’s about? I bought this book at least 10 years ago and it’s just been sitting on my shelves so I guess it’s about time I gave it a shot? I really don’t know but I think it’ll be alright.

Let me know if you’ve read anything by Oscar Wilde and what you thought of it, I’m honestly curious because again, no expectations.

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