Just A Little Middle Grade Haul

Untitled 6This is probably going to be my last haul for quite a while so luckily it’s a good one! I’ve been really into reading middle grade books lately and I’m so excited about all the ones that I picked up. I went to order one and ended up with a few more in my cart because I couldn’t resist the covers. It’s always that way with middle grade books, especially UK covers because hello pretty. This will be quick but I’m excited about it anyways!

Untitled 3.pngThe first book is the one that I originally went to order and that’s The Battle for Perfect by Helena Duggan. I read the first two books in November and they were super fun and unique. There’s just a super whimsical vibe but it’s also super dramatic and I’ve loved getting to spend time in the world, unfortunately this one isn’t released in Canada until March so I had to order it from BookDepository. Not mad though because I stumbled across a couple more, and now we have this post.

The next one that immediately drew my attention was A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison. It’s literally the most beautiful book cover that I’ve ever seen and it sounds like such a cute and fun read, it’s got a magical curse so I’m pretty much sold. And then we have The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Read & Laura Trinder. Another stunning cover AND a magical hidden Victorian London! And a hedgehog? I’m so happy that I have this one because it should be amazing.

Untitled 2.pngThe last one that I bought, specifically for a readathon, was The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry. I’m officially a massive Julie Berry fangirl and I’m so glad that I finally bought this one because I loved it.

And there it is. A super tiny but super exciting middle grade haul! I’m hoping to have read all of these by the time this post goes live but at this point I’ve only read one. I’ve been pretty good at reading books as I’ve been buying them which is so weird but I’m pretty proud of myself. Okay! There we go! Let me know what your favourite middle grade books are because I need more recommendations!

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