I’m carrying on with my plan of reading books that fit a prompt instead of a specific title. It makes reading a lot less stressful and is so much easier to accomplish.

This month’s picks are pretty basic but I think it’ll be a good reading month anyways!

Read an ARC /// I’ve got a few that I really want to read so as long as I can get one done I’ll be happy!

Read part of a series /// Okay I’ve been doing really good at working away at series the past couple months and I want to make sure I keep doing that! I think I know the one that I want to read but there’s definitely a few that I could pick up so I’m not worried about this one.

Finish a current read /// I’ll see if I have anything current when April ends but if not there’s one that I started last year that I want to finish up so there’s options!/

Read a recent purchase /// This one is also pretty straightforward, I’ve been trying really hard to read the books that I bring in as soon as possible so this is easy enough. There’s only one physical book that I bought that I haven’t read yet so I think that’ll be the one, but there’s also a few kindle books that I could go with.

2 thoughts on “May TBR”

  1. Picking based off a prompt sounds like a great idea, I am a huge mood reader so I try not to set my reading goals to specific because within a few weeks I tend to want something completely different.

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