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dsfdsHi! I’m Deanna, your friendly Canadian bookworm! I’m also a proud Hufflepuff and total cat mom. I love pop punk, purple lipstick, ice cream and moose. I spend most of my time at work but I’m also a big fan of playing dumb games on my phone and trying to make the perfect 7 song long playlist. I’m still working on that one, but it’s a challenge I enjoy.

On this blog you’ll find mostly book content. Some reviews, a whole lot of lists, endless talk of my all time favourites and my never ending TBR. I also like to throw in the odd music or makeup post, and I occasionally talk about some of my favourite recipes since I am a (mostly) trained baker and will forever be crushed by my failure of a food blog.

My favourite genres are YA historical fiction and fantasy and I’m always here for some magical realism. I’m pretty bad at writing reviews but I’m always trying to get better!

I’m currently snuggling with my cat and watching a history documentary so hi let’s talk about fun stuff! You can find me on twitter @deereadsthings and instagram @deannareadsthingsΒ or at deannareadsthings@outlook.com for any blog related requests.