Hi I’m Deanna (or Dee, as the blog name says) a 24 year old Canadian who really loves books. I started this blog so that I had a place to talk about the things that I love, it’s about 97% books but I also like to talk about music and makeup and my cat.

I mostly read YA because I just really love it, it’s diverse and intense and thoughtful and full of so many different genres and I just relate to it more than adult fiction. I do still branch out sometimes though, it’s usually just to the odd romance novel or historical fiction story. My favourite genres are without a doubt historical fiction and fantasy, but I do love a good contemporary from time to time.

I also really love to talk about music, I basically grew up on MySpace so I’m a total My Chemical Romance fangirl and I currently have an old Good Charlotte CD in my car. Some current favourites are All Time Low, Neck Deep, State Champs, Pvris and whatever pop punk playlists I can find on Spotify.

The other thing that I talk about a ton, more than music actually, is makeup. I’m not great at putting it on but I do try and I know what I like. Give me a gold eyeshadow and some purple lipstick and I’m good to go.

I also have a cat named Rowan, who is an adorable monster, and I live with my two best friends and their giant puppy Remus. (We’re a Harry Potter household, there’s no doubt of that)

So there we go, a bit about me and what you can find here! I’m pretty much always on Instagram and Twitter so if you have any recommendations or just want to say hi that’s where you can find me (or here, obviously) Hope you’re having an awesome day and reading something that you love! Please enjoy these additional pictures of my cat as a parting gift.