Favourite Fae Books & a TBR

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I’m gonna be perfectly honest and say that this is another one of those posts that I feel like I’ve written and posted before but I can’t find it anywhere? So I might be writing this for a second time but it also might be the first time so we’re gonna go for it. I know that I’ve said many times that I’m a massive fan of books that contain faeries and I’ve come up with a list of my absolute favourites, and a list of ones that I really want to read in the near future! Let me know what you think about any of the books on this list and if there’s a certain type of book that you always pick up!

Untitled 5.pngFirst off is the one that I’ve read the most recently, An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. I had heard mixed things about this one before reading it but I was fairly confident that I would love it and luckily I was right. This book is only about 300 pages but I still read it in one sitting because I just couldn’t put it down. It’s got an interesting story, well rounded characters and more than enough faerie trickery to keep the story moving and to keep you guessing. It’s just a really well done classic fae story and I can’t wait to read more from this author. Another standalone that I’ve read in the past few years that I just loved was The Darkest Part of The Forest by Holly Black. I had read a couple other things by Black previously and although they were okay I wasn’t blown away. But then this book showed up and I just fell in love. It’s a really character driven story, and it’s got such an air of mystery and a dark vibe that it was impossible to put down. I also just really liked the characters and the setting was so well done that it was just such a satisfying read. Black also does the classic fae traits so well.

Untitled 8.pngNow for a couple darker picks, because there’s really nothing that I love more about these creatures than the tricks and traps and lack of feelings. Honestly it just makes everything such a big question mark and I love it. The first one that comes to mind is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I’m definitely a bigger fan of the later books in this trilogy but the interpretation of fae in the first book is my favourite. There’s all the twisted traditions and thoughts and apparent lack of feelings, and we get to see so many different creatures. And obviously, that dark ending is pretty much everything you need in a good faerie book so hey, I’m happy with it. Another series that I’m a big fan of is the Darkfever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I’ve read the first five books in this series and I just loved them, these books have so many things that make a great faerie book. You’ve got the history since they take place in Ireland, you’ve got the Seelie vs Unseelie which I LOVE, and there’s also so many different creatures and fun things and it’s dark and twisted and ugh, just so good.

Untitled 9.pngNow for a few more series that I read quite a while ago, I don’t remember much that happened during these but I do have really fond memories of them and I think that’s what matters here. Probably. The first one that I remember truly loving is the Faeriewalker Trilogy by Jenna Black. I totally bought the first one because the spine was sparkly but I loved it so much that I went back and bought the next two the next day. It was a really vivid and dark story that has some problems, but damn they were super readable. It’s one of those series that I want to reread but I’m also nervous because I don’t want to tarnish my memories of it. Another series that I know I loved was the The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. I read the original four books and the novella collection and I just adored them. The love triangle was one of my favourites and I still remember reading about the Winter Court and just falling in love with the sound of everything. It’s such a vivid and well written series and I still want to read the spinoff series.

So there we go, a few books/series that I loved! Now let’s talk about some that I really want to read, I’ve got a few of these on my physical TBR so I should hopefully be able to get to them, and the others are ones that I can pick up sometime soon.

Untitled 6.pngThe first is one that was a super hyped release and that everyone was raving about, I definitely saw some negative reviews, but the vast majority seemed to love it. And that book is The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. We’ve already established that I love the way Black writes books about the fae and I’ve heard that this one is pretty dark so I am definitely here for it. The next one is a book that I’ve heard about but didn’t realize was about faeries until I was looking for books for this post, and that one is Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer. It appears to be a Sleeping Beauty retelling but also has faeries. I’m sorry but why am I just hearing about this now? Those are two of my favourite things and they’ve been combined into one story? I officially know the book that I’m buying as soon as I have money. The next one that I have, that looks pretty neat, is Seven Black Diamonds by Melissa Marr. I’ve read a few things by Marr and really like the way that she handles stories about the fae in super dark ways, the couple that I’ve read have been very much urban fantasy with super dark vibes and it’s pretty solid. I didn’t fall in love with her Wicked Lovely series like I was hoping too but this duology looks really interesting and since I have both of them I can hopefully pick them up soon.

Untitled 7The last two are ones that I have on my Kindle, and therefore are ones that I can hopefully get to this fall! The first is A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz which looks like a stunning story, and it has gnomes. I love gnomes so I am officially sold. The last one is The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan, which is the first in a super long series and just sounds like a really fun read. It’s got secret worlds and forbidden love (I think) and the threat of expulsion and evil faeries and ugh yes please. I’m hoping that I love this one because it just sounds like it’s so much fun.

And there we have it, a bunch of books that I’m dying to read! Let me know if there’s any other faerie books that I didn’t mention that you think I’d enjoy! I’m always looking out for my next favourite so I’ll take all the help I can get. Also let me know what you thought about Spindle Fire because I am soooo excited to pick it up!

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